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The Secret of Alkaline Ash Diet

The alkaline ash diet is not a secret to hunter-gatherer individuals who thrive on fresh fruits, root crops and vegetables. Even without hospitals and doctors, this effective diet can offer them the essential alkaline-based chemicals to stay alive in an insensitive environment with open shelters, rugged terrains, no medicines, wildlife predators and many more. Are you familiar with alkaline ash diet?

The diet of a hunter-gatherer was based on unrefined plants and natural processed animal meats and grains. However, when animal domestication and farming was introduced, these animal products turned into cheese, milk and other dairy products. The regular diet of vegetables and fruits provided them with perfect alkaline levels essential for strong and healthy living.

Alkaline Ash Diet Foods – How Does It Work?

Supporters of alkaline ash diet explain that almost 75% of human’s body consists of water. This is considered as the valuable medium that gives oxygen, nutrients and biochemicals to freely move in your bloodstream. Water can have either alkaline or acid properties, often measured by pH factor. This scale has different interpretations and these are the following:

  • to 6.9 – acidic
  • 0 – neutral
  • 1 – 14.0 – alkaline

The pH factor denotes that the higher the pH number, the greater the alkalinity and the lower the pH number, the greater the acidity.

Are You Creating an Imbalance?

For several years, the change of human diet, from alkaline to acid has disturbed the human’s alkaline levels. It normally ranges between 7.25 and 7.45, therefore causing an imbalance. As a result, it led to the loss of crucial minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium.

Similar with alkaline wastes that pollute waterways and acid rain that damages forest, imbalanced pH levels can also damage human’s body tissues and cells. This condition is likened to slowly biting your arteries and veins like oxidation eating into hardwood. Once you ignore this, imbalanced pH level will break off all cellular functions including energy conversion, reproduction and molecular transport. This scenario may result to complicated degenerative diseases.

The loss of alkaline-giving nutrients allows people to be more prone to distinct types of illnesses. The typical examples of these are cancer and cardiovascular problems. Health studies show that obesity or systematic weight gain results from the imbalance. According to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, if you eliminate cardiovascular-related illnesses,  that can lead to having an extra 9.78 years to your life span.

Results of Imbalance PH Levels

Once the pH balance is disordered, the human’s body reacts by restoring the equilibrium. This leads to serious losses of necessary minerals. Individuals suffering from imbalance pH levels may feel sluggish, and they are prone to any diseases in the later years.

The optimal health with alkaline diet is designed not only to remove all acid-producing foods in your diet. It is also one way of creating balanced acid levels. Alkaline ash foods should also be mixed in your daily meals. It only means that you don’t need to starve yourself to remain in shape. With a combined mixture of alkaline producing foods and a balanced body acid, you can sustain an optimal lifestyle.

5 Points To Choose The Perfect Weight Loss Plan For You

Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and junk foods, there has been a considerable rise in obesity in the recent decade. Being overweight not only makes you look bad, but also is one of the main causes of various health problems which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

With thousands of tips on how to lose weight, it becomes hard to choose and follow the right one for you. Also a better option to lose weight is going systematically and following tested plans to shed that extra weight. However choosing just any random plan does not guarantee weight loss and one must carefully analyze the type of weight loss plan before selecting one.

Losing weight is based on the fact that you need to spend more calories than you actually consume. Hence weight loss plans mainly concentrate on diet as well as exercise. You must consider the following points while selecting the perfect weight loss program for you.

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  1. Does It Suit Your Food Habits?

Choose the weight loss plan which suits your food habits. For instance it is not feasible for an Italian to go for a weight loss program which is based on Chinese food. There are lots of advantages of choosing a weight loss program based on your staple food. Firstly, the ingredients will be easily available in your locality. Some weight loss plans may ask you to eat different exotic food items and you may have a hard time looking for the ingredients.

Secondly there is a good chance that you know how to cook the food if it is based on your staple diet and hence will be easier to cook rather than going through cooking manuals and ending up with something which does not look remotely close to the one in the picture. And finally, your body will easily accept the diet which you regularly eat rather than something which is completely alien.

  1. Does The Exercise Suit You?

Some people are more fit as compared to others while there are some who have never done any physical work in their entire life. Hence it is a good idea to check out the exercise plan to check if it is easy or hard to perform. You can select the plan which will suit your level. Also consider the time which you will be able to devote to the exercises.

  1. How Quickly You Will Lose Weight?

Some weight loss plans take more time and some take less time to show signs of weight loss. Choose the one according to your requirements. Both plans which take long time or less time to show results have their own merits and demerits and you must consider them properly before going for the plan. Plans which take long time usually are efficient in preventing weight gain later on but can get quite boring or de-motivating because of lack of fast results.

On the other hand, if you follow plans which help you lose weight quickly, there are more chances of gaining weight again once you quit but they do provide you good motivation to stick to the plan.

  1. What Is Your Past?

Have you been through weight loss plans before? If yes, you must carefully analyze what things went wrong in the plan which compelled you to lose the plan in the first place. For instance- If you didn’t have much time for the plans, then it is better to go for a plan which doesn’t require you to exercise for 1 hour or more every day.

  1. Any Allergies and Health Condition?

If you have a medical condition, (for instance diabetes or blood pressure) make sure that the food included in the diet don’t contain the ingredients which are prohibited for you. Also if you have allergy with some food items (for instance milk), make sure that there are no dairy products in the diet plan you are going to follow.