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All that You Need to Know About Redness Around Lips

The redness around lips is primarily the by-product or the visible marks of skin rashes that caused a change in texture and color of your skin. This rash may be confined to a part of your skin. If you are not so lucky, the chances are that this rash will spread. These rashes vary from mild dry skin conditions to the more severe conditions resulting in cancerous growths like squamous cell carcinoma. The red patches on the skin are formed mainly due to dermatitis. You might as well get the red patches from using some skin care product that didn’t suit your skin type. Red patches might also arrive around your lips due to eczema and perioral dermatitis.


The various types of conditions that the skin around your lips can encounter are:Actinic Cheilitis causing major inflammation of the skin around your lips. This has every chance of making your skin scaly and indurated with passing time. In this kind of rash you see a vermillion border of your lips fading away.

Cold sores is another cause of red patches around the lips. These are the herpetic ulcers in the skin around the lips. Herpes affecting the mucocutaneous membranes is primarily responsible for this occurrence. The rashes or lesions begin appearing as small blisters but if left untreated, they aggravate to the stage of painful ulcers and cause scarring as well.

Angular cheilitis is another inflammatory condition occurring only around the angles of your mouth. The prime causes of this kind of rashes is either deficiency of vitamin B or ill-fitting dentures that tend to tear the skin in that area.

Another common type of skin rash is common wart, a small tumor that when occurs on your lips is known as the filiform warts. The HPV (human papilloma virus) is the prime factor causing this tumor.

Oral melanotic macule is another condition occurring on lips and interior of the mouth as well. It is known as labial melanotic macule when it occurs on the lips.

The most common yet dangerous form of skin rash is oral squamous cell carcinoma seen in the form of pink or red scaly rash. With time these lesions expand and cause bleeding too. Excess exposure to sunlight is the prime cause.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis occurs due to skin allergy from various cosmetic products containing poison ivy specifically.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis on the other hand is caused by chemical irritants and physical irritants.You might even get redness on lips if you are allergic to certain food items like peanuts, sesame, soy, fish, and mustard to name some.


The common symptoms for redness around lips include cracked corner of the mouth, fever, dry mouth, painful blisters, sore throat, sores resembling cottage cheese, bleeding gums, purple or red gums, receding gums and swollen gums, pale skin, and soft spongy gums to name some. In fact, mouth redness itself is a condition that needs immediate medical attention.


You can use topical medicines as prescribed by your dermatologist. Protecting from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is a vital factor in treating redness around lips. Using topical antiviral drugs help you clear cold sores in a short span. Resizing of your dentures and vitamin B supplements (whichever is the prime cause) will help you combat Angular cheilitis. In case of oral melanotic macule, following a skin biopsy you can go for either a cryotherapy, or a laser therapy, whichever suits you. For squamous cell carcinoma, you need to go for the high-end treatment procedures like laser therapy, freezing, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.


Maintaining proper hygiene and proper oral health is a vital factor in prevention of such skin conditions around your lips. Using a sun protect cream or solution is another preventive measure for the one’s prone to such skin related issues. If your allergy to certain cosmetics, soaps, detergents and food items cause redness around lips, then the best way is to avoid the allergy causing elements.

With a little bit of oral care and skin care you can maintain your health and your looks at the same time.

Creams for Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment

Dark circles under the eyes are just one of those ailments that you may come by in your lifetime. This is because the causes of the ailment spring from factors that almost recur from natural coloring, restlessness during the night and aging. Despite this fact, there ought to be no worry as there are dark circles under eye treatments that function to get rid of the dark circles.

Many people may be unaware of the fact that dark circles under eyes are treatable and resort to products that can conceal rather than eliminate the infection. Apart from these products failing in healing you, they end up consuming lots of money while returning a very minute yield and effect on your looks. The best way to go is by the use of creams designed to rid off dark circles.

Cosmetic companies have branded their creams as best anti wrinkle creams in the market and suggested for treatment purposes for dark circles. While these creams may work well to rid the body of wrinkles, they may not be the best for dark circles. The best cream would be the one specifically designed to eliminating dark circles with the other creams coming in as supplements.

The cosmetics market provides a huge chunk of creams that specifically designed for dark circles. The critical question, in many cases, is; what is the best cream to purchase? The answer to this one important question always lies in a string of factors which if they are contained in one product would qualify that product as the best cream.

Clinical tests are a significant marker in determining whether a cream is suitable for use. Some of the creams indicate the level of success proven on use of the creams after clinical tests on the products. A cream with a success percentage of 80% and above can well fight off your illness as compared to other creams with lower success percentages.

Creams with more natural ingredients are usually advisable for use as compared to those with large compositions of chemicals. This is because natural ingredients do not have side effects as do chemical ingredients which could just add more health issues to you. Watch out for mentions of aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea extract in the creams and pick the ones where at least one or more of the ingredients are present.

The best creams always have an additional ability in skin care treatment. The other treatment may just come as a by the way but still essential in the care for your skin. These features include eliminating wrinkles, firming the skin and reducing inflammations on the eyes.

Some products that have stood the test of the mentioned facts are prevera, deravera and TNS eye repair. They work well with any skin; have the backing of clinical tests and work to remove lines and wrinkles. They are among the list of the best creams for dark circle under the eyes treatment.