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Winter tends to limit the possibilities for sexy hair but with the sun out and in full effect, it’s time to throw out those winter hair trends and “summer-ize” those lovely locks! It doesn’t take much to go from drab to fab when it comes to your hair and celebrating the summer months. Follow these easy steps and tips to get your hair back in shape and ready to show off at the beach, pool or party.

Need a new change?

Well, summertime is the perfect time of year to do something different! Visit your favorite salon and find out what the latest summer hair looks are. One of the first things you’ll want to take care of is any damage to your hair. With buns and ponytails being all the rage during the winter months, it’s easy to neglect your hair. However, in the summer you’ll want your locks to be in the best condition so this means no split ends or breakage.

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Ask your stylist to give you a trim to get rid of any split ends and a good deep conditioning to restore moisture and hydration from the scalp all the way to the tips. Once your hair is healthy, it’ll be much easier to manage and style. When it comes to deep conditioning treatments for your hair, choose a product (if you’re doing it at home) that contains essential oils and naturally rich conditioners. For a fun, do-it-yourself hair recipe, you can create your own hair mask using ingredients such as honey, almond oil, olive oil, bananas, and avocado. For the best results, you can leave the hair mask in overnight and rinse in the morning.

This summer you can choose from a handful of styles that suit your personality: long layers, curls galore and side swept bangs are the most popular. You can turn to your favorite celebrities to find out what styles you’ll want to copy or use for inspiration for your own summer ‘do. Want that sexy, tousled summer look?

Add volume to your hair naturally by following these easy steps:

  • Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Follow up with a light volumizing conditioner on just the ends. Use a wide-toothed comb to work the conditioner throughout and detangle your hair.
  • Rinse and wrap your hair in a towel and proceed to get ready for your day.
  • After some time, unwrap your hair and instead of brushing or combing, use your fingers to work a small amount of curl enhancing gel or texturizing spray. Work it from the roots to the tips, while scrunching and twisting strands as you go along.
  •  Let your hair air dry and scrunch and tousle the hair in areas that go astray. You’ll be able to shape your tresses as desired. And that’s it!

Just like winter, even the summer can be unfriendly to your hair so you’ll need to spruce up your summer hair care regimen to adjust to the warmer months. This includes using quality hair products that contain sunscreen to protect your hair from sun damage. When possible, wear accessories that won’t require your hair to be in the sun for an extended period of time. You can choose from cute hats, scarves, and even a fashionable floppy hat.

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