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5 Points To Choose The Perfect Weight Loss Plan For You

Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and junk foods, there has been a considerable rise in obesity in the recent decade. Being overweight not only makes you look bad, but also is one of the main causes of various health problems which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

With thousands of tips on how to lose weight, it becomes hard to choose and follow the right one for you. Also a better option to lose weight is going systematically and following tested plans to shed that extra weight. However choosing just any random plan does not guarantee weight loss and one must carefully analyze the type of weight loss plan before selecting one.

Losing weight is based on the fact that you need to spend more calories than you actually consume. Hence weight loss plans mainly concentrate on diet as well as exercise. You must consider the following points while selecting the perfect weight loss program for you.

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  1. Does It Suit Your Food Habits?

Choose the weight loss plan which suits your food habits. For instance it is not feasible for an Italian to go for a weight loss program which is based on Chinese food. There are lots of advantages of choosing a weight loss program based on your staple food. Firstly, the ingredients will be easily available in your locality. Some weight loss plans may ask you to eat different exotic food items and you may have a hard time looking for the ingredients.

Secondly there is a good chance that you know how to cook the food if it is based on your staple diet and hence will be easier to cook rather than going through cooking manuals and ending up with something which does not look remotely close to the one in the picture. And finally, your body will easily accept the diet which you regularly eat rather than something which is completely alien.

  1. Does The Exercise Suit You?

Some people are more fit as compared to others while there are some who have never done any physical work in their entire life. Hence it is a good idea to check out the exercise plan to check if it is easy or hard to perform. You can select the plan which will suit your level. Also consider the time which you will be able to devote to the exercises.

  1. How Quickly You Will Lose Weight?

Some weight loss plans take more time and some take less time to show signs of weight loss. Choose the one according to your requirements. Both plans which take long time or less time to show results have their own merits and demerits and you must consider them properly before going for the plan. Plans which take long time usually are efficient in preventing weight gain later on but can get quite boring or de-motivating because of lack of fast results.

On the other hand, if you follow plans which help you lose weight quickly, there are more chances of gaining weight again once you quit but they do provide you good motivation to stick to the plan.

  1. What Is Your Past?

Have you been through weight loss plans before? If yes, you must carefully analyze what things went wrong in the plan which compelled you to lose the plan in the first place. For instance- If you didn’t have much time for the plans, then it is better to go for a plan which doesn’t require you to exercise for 1 hour or more every day.

  1. Any Allergies and Health Condition?

If you have a medical condition, (for instance diabetes or blood pressure) make sure that the food included in the diet don’t contain the ingredients which are prohibited for you. Also if you have allergy with some food items (for instance milk), make sure that there are no dairy products in the diet plan you are going to follow.

Easy Steps to Looking Like a Knockout on Valentine’s Day

Okay, so you’ve got your man, you’ve got a date, and you know the time and place. Now all you have to do is worry about what to wear, how to do your makeup, how to wear your hair, etc, etc. First, stop and breathe! While getting ready for a smoking hot Valentine’s Day date can be a mix of excitement and anxiety, the last thing you want to do is freak out. Learn how to cover all your bases with the following tips.

So you’ve finally met Mr. Right and you want to make a good impression on him during your date on Valentine’s Day. The first thing to do is keep a level head. You don’t want to try too hard but at the same time you don’t want to just look like you would any other ordinary day either. The idea of primping and getting ready for your date can be enough to wrack your nerves so the first thing you need to do is relax.

Schedule yourself for a relaxing massage the day of your date. Based in BirthOrderPlus research, this is one of the fastest and most convenient ways of not only relaxing your mind but getting a thorough pampering from head to toe. If you have a day spa you regularly visit, that’s great. If it’s your first time, get a basic massage. Try to avoid getting a fancy facial just in case you experience a negative skin reaction. The last thing you want is to try something new and end up with the unsightly aftereffects on your date.

Once you’ve gotten your whole body relaxed, make an appointment to get your nails done. If your toes are going to make an appearance, be sure to throw in a pedicure as well. If you’re a do-it-yourself type of gal, then by all means, break out your nail tools and get to work on your fingers and toes. Soak your nails in a bowl of olive oil to soften cuticles and to moisturize your nails. Pick your outfit ahead of time and be sure to coordinate your nail polish with the colors of your clothes. If you want to keep it simple and don’t want to worry about colors, simply do a French manicure/pedicure so that you can mix and match however you want.

For evening dates, play up your eye makeup for a dramatic and sensual appearance. The smokey eye look is always a surefire way to look drop-dead gorgeous. If you choose to play up your eyes, keep your lips simple with a nude color, light pink or coral or even a coat of clear lip gloss. For the ladies who want to enhance their pout instead of their eyes, choose deep shades that work well with your skin tone. Berry, red wine shades, and chocolate browns make for totally kissable lips. On the eyes, go with light liner and mascara and stick to grays or shimmery eye shadow.

When the makeup part is all done, focus on your lovely locks. If you are wearing an outfit with a v-neck, scoop neck or other style that shows a lot of skin/shoulder, try wearing your hair up so you can show off the curves of your neck and collarbone. Throwing your hair up in a sexy bun is easy and convenient – add a few loose hanging tendrils of hair and your date’s knees are guaranteed to shake. Or if you choose to wear your hair down, you can keep it basic with super straight locks or go crazy with sexy curls, whatever works for your face shape.

Creams for Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment

Dark circles under the eyes are just one of those ailments that you may come by in your lifetime. This is because the causes of the ailment spring from factors that almost recur from natural coloring, restlessness during the night and aging. Despite this fact, there ought to be no worry as there are dark circles under eye treatments that function to get rid of the dark circles.

Many people may be unaware of the fact that dark circles under eyes are treatable and resort to products that can conceal rather than eliminate the infection. Apart from these products failing in healing you, they end up consuming lots of money while returning a very minute yield and effect on your looks. The best way to go is by the use of creams designed to rid off dark circles.

Cosmetic companies have branded their creams as best anti wrinkle creams in the market and suggested for treatment purposes for dark circles. While these creams may work well to rid the body of wrinkles, they may not be the best for dark circles. The best cream would be the one specifically designed to eliminating dark circles with the other creams coming in as supplements.

The cosmetics market provides a huge chunk of creams that specifically designed for dark circles. The critical question, in many cases, is; what is the best cream to purchase? The answer to this one important question always lies in a string of factors which if they are contained in one product would qualify that product as the best cream.

Clinical tests are a significant marker in determining whether a cream is suitable for use. Some of the creams indicate the level of success proven on use of the creams after clinical tests on the products. A cream with a success percentage of 80% and above can well fight off your illness as compared to other creams with lower success percentages.

Creams with more natural ingredients are usually advisable for use as compared to those with large compositions of chemicals. This is because natural ingredients do not have side effects as do chemical ingredients which could just add more health issues to you. Watch out for mentions of aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea extract in the creams and pick the ones where at least one or more of the ingredients are present.

The best creams always have an additional ability in skin care treatment. The other treatment may just come as a by the way but still essential in the care for your skin. These features include eliminating wrinkles, firming the skin and reducing inflammations on the eyes.

Some products that have stood the test of the mentioned facts are prevera, deravera and TNS eye repair. They work well with any skin; have the backing of clinical tests and work to remove lines and wrinkles. They are among the list of the best creams for dark circle under the eyes treatment.

7 Signs That Show That You Need to Exercise More or Change Your Eating Habits

All people would like to have a stress and effort-free life where you just sit and everything comes to you when you need it. This is not always possible and you will need to make an effort to get even the most basic things in life. To have that great shape, high energy or increased strength, you need to make some effort and this involves exercising and eating right.

Some of the things that show you that you have not been involved in these effectively are:

Whenever you find that you get out of breath too easily, you should ask yourself if you have been exercising and eating right. This is especially true if you used to be able to carry out the same task comfortably, but now you struggle to catch your breath as you do it.

There is always a physical sign of the eating habits that you have. If you keep eating unhealthy things that are high in fats and calorie content, then it is highly likely that your body weight will begin to increase. The clothes that used to fit well now start being tighter and tighter and with time, you will be unable to fit in them. This is a sign that should have you changing your eating habits and exercising regularly.

Sometimes you tend to feel heavy and it is as if you are unable to support the weight of your own body. This can be a very burdensome feeling especially if you find it hard to do some of the things that are a large part of your daily schedule. One of the things that can cause this drag is the diet that you are eating or the fact that you are unfit and this makes it hard for you to do things promptly and without any difficulty.

Overeating is very common for many people. They give many reasons for what they do but at the end of the day, the true cause of this habit is usually poor discipline. If you find that you cannot seem to stop eating, it is probably a good idea to get into a plan that will help you change your eating habits.

Having problems with your digestion can be very uncomfortable and in some cases, it can be embarrassing. You need to get this checked out immediately and in most cases, this is caused because you do not eat healthy foods that can promote the process of digestion. You may need to change the eating habits when you get these problems.

Exercising and changing eating habits is a little step that can help you change your life dramatically. This is also a good way to teach yourself how to be disciplined and committed especially seeing as these are the two things that you will need to do to ensure that your efforts to change are fruitful.

5 Reasons To Eat Oily Fish

Although oily fish aren’t a popular inclusion at mealtimes, it’s perhaps time we rethought our relationship with them. Oily fish are packed full of nutrients, so whether you prefer herring, mackerel, pilchards, salmon, sardines, trout or tuna they make an excellent choice to include in your weekly menu. They are easy to combine into meals and prepare, especially if you choose those that are tinned. If you aren’t yet convinced, read on to find out 5 reasons why oily fish make nutritional sense.

Omega-3 fatty acids

When you usually hear about the health benefits of oily fish, it’s often in relation to their omega-3 fatty acid content. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are linked with a reduced risk of heart disease, which is thought to be conveyed by their ability to reduce blood clotting, blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms and levels of triglycerides, a type of blood fat which can increase heart disease risk.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also thought to reduce joint inflammation and can aid development of a baby during pregnancy, so are useful to include at all life stages. However, a word of caution about quantities of oily fish to eat each week – for children and women of childbearing age, they should limit their intake to two portions weekly, while men and older women can have up to four portions each week. These guidelines relate to the levels of certain chemicals that can build up in oily fish and could be harmful if eaten in excess, especially to a developing baby.


The soft bones found in tinned pilchards, salmon and sardines are very rich in calcium. This mineral is essential for maintaining bone strength, essential to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. For anyone who chooses not to or is unable to take dairy produce – usually the main source of calcium in our diet – eating oily fish with bones is a good way to increase your calcium intake.


The dark fleshed oily fish contain more iron than white fish such as cod and haddock. Iron is needed by the body for the formation of red blood cells, which the body requires to transport oxygen and nutrients to all the body cells for them to carry out their functions. Without iron, anaemia develops, which is commonly displayed as tiredness and breathlessness. Although red meat is the richest source of iron in the diet, anyone who doesn’t eat it, should think about including oily fish a couple of times each week.


Oily fish is a good choice to increase your intake of selenium. This antioxidant mineral is thought to protect cells from damage, reducing the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. Although plant-based foods can be a rich source of selenium, their content depends on that of the soils in which they have been grown and modern farming methods have contributed to the low levels of selenium levels in the soil of some countries which may result in higher cost of health insurance abroad.

Vitamin D

Although our main source of Vitamin D is from the action of sunlight on our skin, there are a few foods which are a source of the sunshine vitamin – oily fish being one of them. Vitamin D is essential for the regulation of calcium absorption, so plays an important role in bone health. Current research also indicates that Vitamin D may also be involved in the prevention of a number of chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis, so the importance of an adequate intake is more so than previously thought. However, to ensure an adequate intake of Vitamin D when exposure to sunlight is limited, it is recommended that a Vitamin D supplement is taken.

Green Up Your Morning Routine

Maybe you have purchased a more fuel-efficient car and now you carpool to work or take public transportation. You’ve recycled your plastic, glass and aluminum as long as you can remember, but your morning get up and get out the door routine may not be an area of your life you would think of as having an impact on the planet. While it may not make as visible an environmental impact as, say, adopting a highway, if we all make some little changes, the results can be big.

Be water smart

Water is a resource we take for granted – it’s naturally occurring and when it rains, we get more of it… Well, if you remember elementary school earth science, there’s a cycle to it, but as far as our consumption is concerned, there is a good deal of energy used to treat water for human use. On top of that, unless you have a well, you’re paying someone for it.

A five minute shower is your most water-conscious option for your morning routine. It gives you ample time for shampoo, conditioning and shaving while still staying water smart. Linger in the shower for 10 to 15 minutes and you’re starting to use as much water as a fully drawn bath.

Other ways to keep your morning hygiene and beauty regimen from having a negative impact on the planet are:

Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth. Depending on how long you brush, gallons of water can simply go down the drain as you brush. Instead turn the water on to wet your tooth brush and then turn it off until you need to rinse.

Buy a low-flow shower head. When it comes to water smart shower heads, there are many choices. The trade off is between pressure and volume. When it comes to a shower, the relaxing feel of the water is what we are after (pressure) not just the amount of water running over us. With an low-flow shower head you may end up with a double bonus: a more luxurious shower and a more efficient one.

Limit plastic wherever possible

Do you have a vinyl shower curtain? Get rid of it (and by get rid of it, of course we mean recycle it). Not only can vinyl (also known as PVC) sit around forever in a landfill, it releases dioxins during manufacture and disposal – dioxins are nasty cancer-causing compounds that, frankly no one wants or needs more of. So recycle that old shower curtain and get a cotton one. If you take care of the cotton ones, they can last a lot longer and they aren’t nearly so harmful to the environment to produce.

Other ways to cut down on plastic usage:

If you use disposable razors, STOP! Just the name itself should be enough of a deterrent. In the disposable world we live in, everything is made to be thrown away. At least with a conventional razor, the only part you need to replace often is the cartridge. Disposable razors can add unneeded excess waste to your local landfill – plus they’re just plain tacky.

Recycle, recycle, recycle. Recycle your shampoo and conditioner bottles, your lotion dispensers and even the box that ill-fated home hair dye came in.

How To Whiten Your Teeth

There are many things that make a great set of teeth, and there are many different factors that contribute to your teeth either looking great, or a little shoddy. One of the biggest deciding factors of all here though is how white your teeth look, and if they are shining and bright white then this will contribute to your looking generally much healthier and more attractive than if they look dull and grey or even stained and yellowish.

So how do you get your teeth to really shine and avoid discoloration? Here we will look at the answer to that question and help you to make the most of the teeth you have.

Brush Well

Brushing well means making sure you spend the necessary time getting to all of the various parts of your teeth which may be difficult to access and which might provide a final resting place for many a dorito.

However don’t mistake brushing well with brushing hard, as actually brushing too hard can damage the enamel on your teeth which makes them stain more easily. Brush lightly and with a soft toothbrush but give it a good 3 minutes.

Meanwhile look into using the best whitening toothpastes which will help to make your teeth glow more.

Eat Sensibly

Eating the right things will of course help your teeth to remain white. What you want to avoid is anything that is potentially staining and that then means things that are very acidic or that would stain your clothes.

Tea and coffee are big culprits when it comes to stained teeth, but actually switching to green tea isn’t much better as it is filled with acid that can again wear away the enamel. Other enamel damaging products include things that taste acidic.

Likewise if you eat well then you will be getting lots of calcium and other minerals which will help to strengthen your teeth and ensure they look glowing and healthy.

Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking stains your teeth and leaves them looking yellowish and unhealthy. If you want to ensure your teeth look healthy and well then, you need to give up smoking as soon as possible.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water will help you to wash away foods and things lodged in your teeth, but more importantly it will help you to produce more natural saliva which will ensure your teeth are constantly being washed.

Whitening Services

You can often get tooth whitening services from your dentist and this will help you to give all of your teeth a sparkle, or alternatively just ensure that they all look as bright as each other if you maybe have a dead tooth or a discolored patch.

It is also possible to get home whitening kits that use bleach, but you should be weary of these as often they can once again cause more harm than good by damaging the enamel.


If you want to go one step further then you can ask your dentist for veneers or crowns. These attach to the front of your teeth or fit over the top like a tea cosy respectively in order to cover up the bad looking tooth underneath.

This method of course means that you can select the precise shade you want and have them exactly the way you’d like them. Make sure not to go TOO bright though, as you don’t want it to be immediately obvious that you’ve had something done.

Fitness and Age – Seniors

We all want to age better and live a healthy life. That’s why the role of physical fitness shouldn’t just be limited to when you were in Physical Ed in school. Throughout adulthood and well into the elderly years, staying physically fit is a goal that all of us should aim for. Seniors in particular are one age group that can greatly benefit from incorporating more exercise into their lives.

It’s been long known in the medical community and now in the general public that continuing to exercise in your later years can help prevent diseases and disabilities, as well as aiding in the improvement of those who are currently suffering from diseases or health conditions. Of course, exercise as a senior is much different than that of a 20-year old or even a 50-year old.

With each age group, exercise should be moderated and suitable for your particular situation. Before starting any kind of fitness routine, be sure to check with your doctor first. This is especially important if you already have a preexisting health condition. Once your doctor gives you the green light, you’ll be able to carry on with your routine with no worries.

As a senior, there are four types of exercises you can try: endurance exercises, balance exercises, strength exercises and stretching exercises. Endurance exercises are any type of activity that increases your heart rate as well as your breathing for a certain period of time. First time seniors should start off slow with five minutes of endurance activities. Increase your level of activities gradually. Great endurance exercises include: gardening, mowing, raking, bicycling or cycling using a stationary bike, walking briskly, and swimming.

Based on Birthorderplus research balance exercises are ideal for seniors, as they build the leg muscles, which can prevent falls. Avoid broken hips, bones and legs by strengthening your bottom half. An easy balance exercise you can do at home is the side leg raise. Stand straight behind a table or chair, with your feet slightly apart. Hold onto the table or chair for balance and slowly lift one leg to the side (about 6-12 inches out) and keep both legs straight. Keep your toes from pointing downwards and instead point them facing forward. Hold the position and then switch legs. Repeat as desired.

Strength exercises work to increase your metabolism, build muscle and keep your weight and blood sugar at healthy levels. Arm raises are a simple yet effective strength exercise. Sit in a chair and keep your back straight. Your feet should be flat on the floor, evenly with your shoulders. Hold hand weights straight down at your sides, with the palms facing inwards. Raise both arms to the side at about shoulder height and hold for one second. Next, slowly lower your arms back down. Repeat 8-15 times and rest.

Stretching exercises allow you more flexibility and freedom to move around. Tricep stretches involve the use of the muscles in the back of the upper arms. Take a towel and hold one end in your right hand. Raise and bend your right arm so that it drapes the towel down back. Keep your right arm in this position while holding the towel. Reach behind your lower back with your left hand and grab hold of the bottom end of the towel. Move your left hand up the towel slowly, which will pull your right arm down. Do this until your hands meet or as close as you can go and then switch sides.

I also recommend to find seafood near me and try to eat there on regular basic. This will keep you body strong and healthy in long term.

Foods For Healthy Bones

Osteoporosis, Paget’s Disease, Bone Cysts, Arthritis, OSD, Kohler’s Bone Disease, Bone Tumor, Ricketts are a few names that come to mind when one is talking about the unhealthy condition of bones. Some of these diseases are critical in nature and cause even death in some cases.

Here, we wish to change the focus from the ‘Un’ part of the word ‘unhealthy’ to ‘Healthy’. A report on osteoporosis states that world-wide, approximately 200 million women are affected with osteoporosis out of which 1/10th are above 60. Yet another study states that about 3 per cent of people around 40 years suffer from Paget’s disease. A recent report also indicates that rickets is also on the rise among British children.

These are only a few stats available in the public domain. However most of them indicate that the deficiency of the mineral calcium, vitamins D and K combined with unhealthy living habits have contributed to an increase in bone related diseases and related issues.

What does an average human take away from this information? Simple, make changes in your lifestyle to avoid bone diseases. The best way to do this is including a calcium and multi vitamin diet and exercising to increase and maintain bone density.

We have compiled a list of food categories which when included in the normal diet along with adequate amounts of exercise, would suffice your calcium needs (see table):

Dairy Products: Dairy and dairy related products like cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt and milk are excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorous. The mineral – Calcium is the foundation of bone’s health. Experts report that 99% of the calcium is absorbed in formation of bones, while 1% goes in the blood stream for other purposes. Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium into the body, which is also found in the early morning sun! Soak in the morning light as much as you can for optimum calcium absorption.

Leafy Vegetables: Eat your greens to build your bones was grandma’s common refrain. She was right as green leafy veggies like spinach, broccoli, fenugreek & soybean etc contain calcium, magnesium and vitamin K which are important to prevent loss of bone mass during old age. While the antioxidants present in veggies like peas, corn, carrots and tomatoes help reduce the level of bone loss.

Fish: For people, who love salmon and tuna, it would be great news – these fishes comprise of the vitamin D which is essential for calcium absorption thus reducing the chances of fractures in old age, which is the biggest contributor to bone diseases among adults.

Beans: They are a great source of calcium. Soy milk is a source of calcium and vitamin D for those people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Other beans like kidney beans, black eyed peas apart from lentils and legumes are also a good source of calcium.

Fortified Foodstuff: Foods that are fortified with vitamin D such as cereals as well as orange juice are now available for people who wish to avoid the dairy products, albeit the consumption of these should be restricted as they might contain sugar.

A research states that by indulging in exercises that put some stress on bones during adulthood, reduces the risk of falling prey to bone related diseases. Complement the intake of adequate calcium, vitamins D and K with exercises like walking, jogging, dancing, weight lifting, climbing stairs, hiking and racquet related sports for better bone health.

Meladerm: Top Skin Whitening Cream

Skin whitening is a type of cosmetic treatment that people use to lighten and brighten their complexion. Those with pigmentation related problems may use skin whitening creams as a way to alleviate symptoms of their condition.

There are many skin whitening creams on the market today that promise to achieve great results, but not all products are created the same. Our TOP of the TOP is Meladerm skin whitening cream, but the there are also other avaliable.

meladerm review

Whitening creams work by altering the body’s melanin content. It works to slow melanin production for lighter skin and a brighter complexion.

There are numerous exfoliants in skin whiteners that work to remove the top layer of skin where red patches can be prevalent.

The current market is absolutely flooded with products that promise to lighten and brighten your skin. Knowing which one is the best is difficult and often a process of trial and error.

Read on to learn about some of the best skin whitening products on the market so you can make an informed decision about which product you should try. We don’t count Meladerm skin lightening cream here.

Best Skin Whtening Product (exc. Meladerm Cream)



Ambi is a fade cream that helps brighten skin in both men and women. It combats dark spots, freckles, aging symptoms and sun spots. The formula consists of 3 powerful ingredients.


Porcelain Skin Brightening Cream is available over the counter and can be used to lighten skin complexion and heal dark spots. The cream not only lightens skin, it also tackles other skin issues such as freckles, spots and lumps.

Clinique Even Better

This skin tone corrector cream is relatively new on the market. It is used to deal with a myriad of skin conditions like age spots, acne and uneven tone. Best of all it’s hydroquinone free.

Crystal Clear

This all natural skin whitener is excellent at brightening tired skin. It moisturizes and protects from further damage. Crystal Clear has been around since 1995 and has developed a reputation for excellence.


This skin-lightening cream advertises as being able to get rid of dark spots, freckles, sun spots and other blemishes. It also wipes out pregnancy marks or skin discolorations due to medication use.


Gluta-C is a skin whitener with built-in anti-aging components. The Meladerm cream heals common skin problems while lightening the complexion. It can also be used on birthmarks and stretch marks.

Glyquin XM

Find relief from skin discoloration issues by using Glyquin XM. This prescription cream works on freckles and melasma.

Godiva Skin Care

Godiva LicoWhite – the same like meladerm – offers faster results than other products on th emarket. The product has FDA approved ingredients that help wipe out dark spots, acne marks, age spots and excess pigmentation.


African Americans seeking lighter skin can turn to Makari. The cream claims to improve the complexion by making skin lighter and firmer. It provides light to dull skin and gives it better structure.

Regardless of which cream whitener you use, most products have similar ingredients. Look at the label to determine the strength and find the combination that works the best for you. Over the counter and prescription products are all known to have great results, so pick up the brand you like the best today.

Where To Buy Meladerm?

Even though these skin creams work, they have bad consequences in the long run. The only skin lightening treatments at home that is 100% natural and works great is the Meladerm made by Civant Skin Care.

You can read more about this product on Amazon and Google Search.