Should You Use Whitening Toothpaste?

Over the years, it is easy to let your teeth slip from white to a yellowish hue. It isn’t that your teeth are particularly unhealthy, it is more that you have not been focusing on them as much as you could. Over the years, there have been numerous methods created to whiten teeth.

Now there are a number of toothpastes out there that are made specifically to remove stains from your teeth while you brush. This is a good method to use because not only do your teeth become whiter, but you know that in the process, you are keeping them clean as well.

Then there is the question of which toothpaste to use? There are numerous choices all offering to restore your teeth to a natural white. Before using the toothpaste correctly, you have to select the toothpaste. Many whitening toothpastes now offer other features to help keep teeth clean while whitening them.

Here are a few different features you might see in a toothpaste that is offering not only to whiten your teeth but to clean them while doing it:

  • Whitening – By “whitening,” the toothpaste doesn’t mean that you will gain the pearly white teeth of a celebrity, what it means is it will remove stains from your teeth and help turn them from the yellowish color they had been, back to a white. The “Whitening” itself is actually one or two chemicals included to remove the stains.
  • With Mouth Wash – This is the first of several options that are included in the toothpaste to try to offset the unnatural elements of the whitening chemicals. Whitening chemicals are effective at making your teeth appear whiter, but they aren’t designed to help your teeth. Mouth Wash utilizes several chemicals to clean out your mouth and by adding it to the toothpaste, it will help clean the teeth.
  • With Antioxidants – Antioxidants fight against toxins that mean harm to your teeth and mouth. The antioxidants actively destroy the toxins and eliminate them from your body. Although having antioxidants in your toothpaste is certainly a good thing for your body, it won’t go a long way to whitening your teeth. However, if you are looking for health first, than it is a nice touch.
  • With Fluoride – Fluoride, similarly to antioxidants and mouth wash really have more to do with keeping teeth healthy than white. However, fluoride fights dangerous minerals in your teeth and mouth, and it strengthens your teeth by helping build strong healthy minerals in your teeth.

However, with many other features similarly to these two, the idea is that by adding whitening and a helpful chemical ingredient, teeth won’t slip back to their old color very easily because not only are they whitened, but they are being cleaned as well.

After you have reviewed the different toothpastes, and selected not only the brand you want but also made sure that it has all of the features you would like, you need to know how often you have to use it for it to effectively remove surface stains from your teeth.

According to Alan Carr, D.M.D., the Mayo Clinic, whitening toothpaste will take two to four weeks to work effectively during the average case. However, he also warns against using it to much for fear that it will break down the enamel of your teeth due to the whitening chemicals included in the toothpaste. So it is important to make sure you use the toothpaste regimentally, but at the same time, don’t over do it.

After examining these details regarding whitening toothpaste and looking into the different brands, you should be able to begin a regiment that will have you effectively using the right toothpaste for you. If the toothpaste isn’t effective enough, you can look into other whitening options.

Margie Meyer

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