Get Green With Back-To-School Supplies

The great thing about the Green Movement is that just about anything can be transformed to become eco-friendly. In the attempt to become more eco-friendly, many items and brands now have green versions. The latest products to fall into this category are school supplies. The next time you and your child take a trip to the store for back-to-school supplies, you’ll want to add the following green items to your checklist.

One term you’ll want to keep in mind while going back-to-school shopping is “PVC.” This stands for “polyvinyl chloride,” which is more commonly referred to as “vinyl.” While vinyl has been around for some time now and is found in a score of products and items we use every day, studies have found PVC to be extremely hazardous to the planet. The process that is used to create vinyl includes a variety of toxins such as chlorinated chemicals and dioxins. Search for school supplies that are labeled PVC-free if possible.

What child can excel in school without having a great backpack to store all of their supplies in?

If your child is in need of a new backpack opt for an organic version, made of eco-friendly material like hemp. Such backpacks are made without the involvement of any pesticides or toxic chemicals, which makes it safe for the environment and for your child to use. There are also backpacks made with recycled rubber as another alternative. You can also go green when it comes to paper. You can easily find stacks of recycled lined paper at any store as well as plain, white, unlined paper. Fancy, funky, and cool notebooks and notepads are also available in recyclable form.

Does your child need something to write with?

Then be sure you reach for recycled pens and pencils. Pens that have been recycled are made from recycled newspaper. Pencils are also available in a greener version and are completely made from recycled materials, including the eraser and even the lead. Just as you can find eco-friendly pens and pencils, you can also find eco-friendly pouches, tote bags, and pencil holders. Some companies actually make such products from recycled drink pouches by reusing the polyethylene and aluminum. You can also purchase binders made from recycled materials. The quality makes them super durable and sturdy.

When lunchtime rolls around, make sure your child has his/her lunch ready to go in a reusable lunchbox. Many eco-friendly lunchboxes are made from the material that allows it to be washed and rewashed, so it will last throughout the school year and beyond, as well as relieve your wallet and the environment from mounds of brown paper bags.

If you want to round out your green version of back-to-school shopping, you’ll want to look into getting your child some new threads that are organic and all natural. We may not think much about it, but much of the clothing we wear contains dyes, harsh chemicals, and other factors that are harmful to the planet. Pick up organic cotton clothing items and other related pieces that are free from pesticides and other non eco-friendly chemicals.

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