Use Common Sense When Wearing Headphones, Working

While current evidence of substantial hearing loss caused by wearing headphones and ear-buds is inconclusive, it is still important to be aware that listening to your headphones at the highest volume may put you at risk for hearing loss. For music lovers, there is nothing more satisfying than putting on a quality pair of headphones and blasting the music in order to hear every layer perfectly.

Additionally, many people choose to listen to their music through headphones or ear-buds in order to block out the rest of the world, but no matter how satisfying this may be, it is still important to be careful. Headphones are not the only way one can put themselves at risk for tinnitus, a disorder of the ear that can be caused by a variety of environmental factors, including listening to music at higher than normal levels, especially when using ear-buds, a form of headphones that are inserted directly into the ear canal.  By taking a few preventative measures, you can avoid potential hearing loss and still enjoy the music you love so much.

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When wearing headphones or ear-buds, a good rule of thumb to go by is that if the people around you can hear what you are listening to, it is simply too loud. Not only is it possible that the excessive noise may be disturbing those in close proximity, it is also a clear signal that you could be potentially damaging your eardrums.

If you are truly hooked on the loudness of your music, a good way to get used to a quieter level is by lowering the volume half a notch or so each time you listen. Eventually, the extremely loud music you are used to will start to sound too loud, and your hearing will adapt to the lower levels.

External Noise

External noise can be quite dangerous as well, especially in certain work environments. If you work in a factory or an industrial park where the machines are constantly running, it is very important that you wear protective earphones to drown out the hazardous noise. While most companies require these noise-blocking headphones for all of their employees, there is still the possibility that your particular company does not. If this is the case, you can purchase your own noise-blocking headphones, as well as speak with your immediate supervisor regarding the noise. Rock concerts and dance clubs can also be hazardous to your hearing. While the initial idea of heading out to a concert or a club is to rock out and dance, too much of a good thing can leave your ears buzzing. Foam earplugs are your best bet when heading out to a noisy venue, as you will still be able to hear the loud music at a safe level.

Ear-Buds – Be Careful!

If you are someone that wears ear-buds to listen to your MP3 player or when sitting at your computer, it is very important that you clean them with alcohol after each use. Ear-buds are directly inserted into the ear canal, and they can easily pick up bacteria. What eventually may occur is what is known as “swimmer’s ear,” a bacterial infection of the outer ear. Swimmer’s ear can be extremely painful and if not treated immediately, a variety of complications can occur, including temporary hearing loss.

Prevent Hearing Loss

Music can be just as enjoyable at a moderate volume, and you lower the risk of damage and hearing loss substantially. By taking a few preventative measures like lowering the volume and wearing earplugs when the noise is simply too loud, you can still enjoy your music while saving your ears at the same time.

Get Green With Back-To-School Supplies

The great thing about the Green Movement is that just about anything can be transformed to become eco-friendly. In the attempt to become more eco-friendly, many items and brands now have green versions. The latest products to fall into this category are school supplies. The next time you and your child take a trip to the store for back-to-school supplies, you’ll want to add the following green items to your checklist.

One term you’ll want to keep in mind while going back-to-school shopping is “PVC.” This stands for “polyvinyl chloride,” which is more commonly referred to as “vinyl.” While vinyl has been around for some time now and is found in a score of products and items we use every day, studies have found PVC to be extremely hazardous to the planet. The process that is used to create vinyl includes a variety of toxins such as chlorinated chemicals and dioxins. Search for school supplies that are labeled PVC-free if possible.

What child can excel in school without having a great backpack to store all of their supplies in?

If your child is in need of a new backpack opt for an organic version, made of eco-friendly material like hemp. Such backpacks are made without the involvement of any pesticides or toxic chemicals, which makes it safe for the environment and for your child to use. There are also backpacks made with recycled rubber as another alternative. You can also go green when it comes to paper. You can easily find stacks of recycled lined paper at any store as well as plain, white, unlined paper. Fancy, funky, and cool notebooks and notepads are also available in recyclable form.

Does your child need something to write with?

Then be sure you reach for recycled pens and pencils. Pens that have been recycled are made from recycled newspaper. Pencils are also available in a greener version and are completely made from recycled materials, including the eraser and even the lead. Just as you can find eco-friendly pens and pencils, you can also find eco-friendly pouches, tote bags, and pencil holders. Some companies actually make such products from recycled drink pouches by reusing the polyethylene and aluminum. You can also purchase binders made from recycled materials. The quality makes them super durable and sturdy.

When lunchtime rolls around, make sure your child has his/her lunch ready to go in a reusable lunchbox. Many eco-friendly lunchboxes are made from the material that allows it to be washed and rewashed, so it will last throughout the school year and beyond, as well as relieve your wallet and the environment from mounds of brown paper bags.

If you want to round out your green version of back-to-school shopping, you’ll want to look into getting your child some new threads that are organic and all natural. We may not think much about it, but much of the clothing we wear contains dyes, harsh chemicals, and other factors that are harmful to the planet. Pick up organic cotton clothing items and other related pieces that are free from pesticides and other non eco-friendly chemicals.

Get The Vintage Wave For Your Wedding

Every bride-to-be wants her wedding to be special, memorable, and different from the rest. That includes the venue, the gown, and definitely the hair. While there are a number of wedding hairstyles to choose from, you may be interested in one of the latest styles that are causing a lot of buzzes. If you love all things vintage, then you’ll fall in love with the vintage wave.

The vintage wave all started in the 1920s with the now famous “flapper” girls. These foxy ladies were the toast of the town, sporting short, form-fitting dresses, and short, stylish bobs. These women were way ahead of their time and their classic chin length bobs with sexy bangs are becoming popular all over again. The vintage wave is perfect for a bride that wants to look classy, sexy and sassy all at the same time.

In order to pull off the vintage wave, you’ll need to have a bob. Chin length is best but your hair can be longer. For those with really long hair that don’t necessarily want to cut their locks to get the bobbed look, you can still achieve the vintage wave by simply punning your hair underneath, which will create the illusion of a bob. To get the best vintage wave, you’ll want to make an appointment with a professional, experienced hair stylist, preferably one that specializes in doing waves. One of the popular ways to create the waves involves the use of a wave iron. Unlike the traditional hot iron, which is straight, the wave iron is a specially made hot iron that is designed with ridges, which creates the waves as it curls and heats the hair. This tool is perfect for those with stick straight hair.

However, if you already have wavy or curly hair, you’ll want to either flat iron your hair straight or blow dry your locks straight beforehand. This will make the wave iron more effective in creating just the right type of waves for the vintage look.

Pulling off the vintage wave look isn’t just about the waves themselves, but also your bangs. To complete the look, you’ll want to opt for side swept bangs, which can be pinned to the side. This is ideal for those that already sport long bangs. You can choose to simply tuck your bangs behind your ear or if you are a fan of accessories, you can clip or pin your bangs to the side using a cute hair barrette or other fashionable clip to match your dress and other jewelry. For those with short bangs, you can still pull off the look by sweeping your bangs across your forehead as is, without the need for tucking or pinning them.

You can sport your vintage wave with a range of accessories and makeup looks, making this 1920s style completely versatile and allowing you to create a bridal look that is truly your own.

 Bridal Hair Tips

With the proper attitude, preparation and care any bride can have beautiful hair for her big day. Keep some of these suggestions in mind so that you and your hair can begin your new life together as the perfect partnership.
Your wedding is the perfect time to put all of your natural beauty on display.

Opthalmologic Emergencies – The Red Eye

One of the common eye emergencies encountered by the emergency department is the red-eye. Although most of the times, this condition can be caused due to secondary conjunctivitis or simple irritation, the emergency department has to be watchful for the severe consequences of the red-eye condition and the threat to eyesight due to the same.

Hence, vital attention and care have to be given while treating the red eye.Various medical emergencies related to the red eye can be caused due to foreign particles entering into eyes, cuts, burns, scratches, chemical exposure, and blunt or penetrating injuries to the eyes. The eye is a sensitive organ and any of these emergency conditions if left untreated pose a potential threat to the vision. A painful red eye caused with or without an injury is an alarming medical emergency. Diagnosis of red eye can be done by physical examination and by obtaining history about the onset of the problem and associated symptoms.

Causes of Red Eye

There can be several causes for the red-eye emergency condition. The cause may or may not be easily understood. However, if the root cause of the problem is not known, a relevant history of the problem is obtained by an ophthalmologist.

Following are some of the possible causes for a red eye condition.

Chemical Injury:

Any work-related accident or exposure to chemical solvents such as cleaning solutions household products, or other such types of chemicals. Chemical injuries, if treated immediately can save vision and reinstate normal vision of the victim.

Eye Cuts:

Any severe eye injury to the eyelid or the eye can cause red-eye. This can immediately result in partial or complete vision loss which resolves over a period of time, with treatment.


Bacterial or viral infection to the eyes causes conjunctivitis and leads to red eye. Most of the times visual acuity is unaffected due to conjunctivitis, but symptoms may vary according to the etiology.

Symptoms Associated with Red Eye

Symptoms may vary from no pain to complete vision loss. Patients usually see the onset of simple or severe symptoms based on the reason for the red-eye. Following are some general symptoms associated with the red-eye.

Simple or moderate pain in the eye

Partial or complete loss of visionDiscoloration of the scleraSensitivity to lightItching of the eyes, in case red eye is due to conjunctivitisDouble vision, usually, if red eye is associated with injury.

Treatment for Red Eye

Most of the times, redness of the eyes can disappear within a few days. However, if red eye is associated with some severe symptoms such as vision loss, emergency physician’s consultation should be sought immediately. Before you could seek the diagnosis of the red eye, preliminary care can be helpful. In case of chemical exposure, flushing the eyes with cool water is useful. In case of blunt injuries, applying cold compresses can be a beneficial treatment of the red-eye.

Red-eye can be an ophthalmologist emergency. Red-eye associated with sudden vision loss, vision-threatening ocular trauma, and chemical exposure or injury should be brought to immediate attention of an emergency physician. After primary observation, emergency physician may recommend the patient to an ophthalmologist for the red eye treatment.

My Brain Is Different Now- Effects Of Drugs On The Brain

Scientists have studied both long-term and short-term effects of drugs on the brain, and while there are still many things they do not know, they have learned that drugs have a direct and powerful impact on the brain’s functioning. Drugs disrupt the natural chemical balance of the brain, and many of drugs’ harmful effects are long-lasting and extremely difficult to overcome.How Drugs WorkNeurons in the brain communicate with each other by releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters that travel from one neuron to another neuron’s receptor.

Each chemical fits into its matching receptor, much as a key fits into a lock. The way that heroin and other opiates work is by mimicking endorphins, thus fitting into the endorphin receptors. This causes the same pleasurable feelings that endorphins create. Marijuana also operates in a similar manner. Cocaine and methamphetamine, on the other hand, work by causing the body to produce excess amounts of dopamine.

Neurons have structures called transporters whose function is to recycle released neurotransmitters, storing them for later use. Cocaine works by blocking these transporters, preventing them from recycling dopamine back into the cells, and creating an overabundance of dopamine in the brain. Methamphetamine similarly blocks these transporters, but it also causes the neurons to release additional dopamine, saturating its receptors.

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The Effects on the Brain

As the brain is continuously flooded with neurotransmitters, it adapts to the change. As a result, the brain begins to show a tolerance for, and dependence on, the drug. Larger amounts of the drug are needed to achieve the same effect. Eventually, the brain will stop producing dopamine or endorphins completely, making it increasingly difficult to experience any pleasure at all and leading to extreme depression and anxiety. When a heavy heroin user stops taking the drug, endorphin production is suddenly restarted, causing a chemical imbalance that affects the nervous system.

This leads to physical withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, muscle spasms and diarrhea. Generally, these symptoms will have stopped after ten days, as the body restores its equilibrium.Although withdrawal from cocaine and methamphetamine is not as physically noticeable, consequences can be longer lasting. In the case of methamphetamine, in particular, the brain is subjected to long term-trauma. Both the structure and function of the brain are changed.

First of all, dopamine receptors and transporters are damaged or destroyed by the large amounts of dopamine released. Brain imaging has shown that serious methamphetamine users have, on average, 24 percent fewer dopamine transporters than those who have never tried the drug. Over time these tissues can regrow.

Methamphetamine also affects the part of the brain that controls cognitive processes. Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, examined brain scans of methamphetamine abusers who had been abstinent for 14 months. The scans showed that they had regrown most of their dopamine receptors; however, the part of the brain that controls cognitive abilities showed no improvement. The former users still exhibited noticeable impairment in motor skills, judgment and memory.There are other studies, however, that have shown significant, though gradual, recovery for methamphetamine users who have stopped using for at least one or two years.

These studies showed that some of the effects may be reversible, and many participants showed improvements in motor skills, memory and impulse control. What is known for certain is that the process is not a quick one and that both physical and behavioral therapy is often needed to facilitate recovery.

Get Sexy Summer Hair

Winter tends to limit the possibilities for sexy hair but with the sun out and in full effect, it’s time to throw out those winter hair trends and “summer-ize” those lovely locks! It doesn’t take much to go from drab to fab when it comes to your hair and celebrating the summer months. Follow these easy steps and tips to get your hair back in shape and ready to show off at the beach, pool or party.

Need a new change?

Well, summertime is the perfect time of year to do something different! Visit your favorite salon and find out what the latest summer hair looks are. One of the first things you’ll want to take care of is any damage to your hair. With buns and ponytails being all the rage during the winter months, it’s easy to neglect your hair. However, in the summer you’ll want your locks to be in the best condition so this means no split ends or breakage.

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Ask your stylist to give you a trim to get rid of any split ends and a good deep conditioning to restore moisture and hydration from the scalp all the way to the tips. Once your hair is healthy, it’ll be much easier to manage and style. When it comes to deep conditioning treatments for your hair, choose a product (if you’re doing it at home) that contains essential oils and naturally rich conditioners. For a fun, do-it-yourself hair recipe, you can create your own hair mask using ingredients such as honey, almond oil, olive oil, bananas, and avocado. For the best results, you can leave the hair mask in overnight and rinse in the morning.

This summer you can choose from a handful of styles that suit your personality: long layers, curls galore and side swept bangs are the most popular. You can turn to your favorite celebrities to find out what styles you’ll want to copy or use for inspiration for your own summer ‘do. Want that sexy, tousled summer look?

Add volume to your hair naturally by following these easy steps:

  • Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Follow up with a light volumizing conditioner on just the ends. Use a wide-toothed comb to work the conditioner throughout and detangle your hair.
  • Rinse and wrap your hair in a towel and proceed to get ready for your day.
  • After some time, unwrap your hair and instead of brushing or combing, use your fingers to work a small amount of curl enhancing gel or texturizing spray. Work it from the roots to the tips, while scrunching and twisting strands as you go along.
  •  Let your hair air dry and scrunch and tousle the hair in areas that go astray. You’ll be able to shape your tresses as desired. And that’s it!

Just like winter, even the summer can be unfriendly to your hair so you’ll need to spruce up your summer hair care regimen to adjust to the warmer months. This includes using quality hair products that contain sunscreen to protect your hair from sun damage. When possible, wear accessories that won’t require your hair to be in the sun for an extended period of time. You can choose from cute hats, scarves, and even a fashionable floppy hat.

Valuable Advice For Reducing Weight

What is the most effective, and quickest, way to shed weight? Diet and exercise are the only effective and proven methods of weight reduction.Once you have started, the next step is optimizing your workout routine and your dietary behavior in order to maximize their benefits. Below are three tips for rapid weight shedding that can provide very quick results. Become prepared, no nonsense muscle building to acquire sounder outcomes.

#1: Put Power And Interval Routines In Between Regular Exercises

After jogging on the treadmill, continue to using free weights. Adding extra power to your fitness training helps in muscle building.Muscle is the main ingredient in weight loss – it helps your body lose more calories and extra pounds. Decide to strength train around three times a week. Get well-educated, fat burning furnace ebook to score nicer results.

Do your free weights (overhead presses, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, etc.) before your cardio session. Make sure you do weight training like biceps curls, overhead presses, triceps kickbacks, and many more before your cardio program.Incorporate increased level exercise routine while focusing on cardio. An example is if you are biking, speed up your  force and intensity for 2 or 3 minutes then slow down for 2 to 3 minutes at your moderate pace.Little by little increase the frequency and time length of the higher intensity intervals. Among all the weight reduction tips, this gives the best results. It lets your body to burn more extra pounds and keeps you perfect.

#2: Increase Level Of Fiber In Your Diet

Increase fiber consumption if there is only one option you can change your diet. It is a carbohydrate which holds our body’s digestive system in great shape. Fiber plays a main role in the prevention of colon cancer, heart problems and type 2 diabetes. Fiber is unbreakable which prolongs the digestive process, it gives us a longer sense of feeling “stuffed”. The amount of fat our body takes in is also kept in the bay because fat is moved faster through our body through a fiber.The advised regular amount of fiber is 25 grams – most of us take in only about 10-15 grams. Increasing fiber input along with increased fluid intake are invaluable in losing weight and maintaining good health.

#3: Have Breakfast

Our first intake has to be a heavy one, and supper should contain the least amount of food intake. Most of us, either do the opposite or don’t consume breakfast at all. Doing so can put a hindrance in your weight shedding routine. It is foolish to fail to have meals to achieve weight loss particularly if breakfast is what you end up skipping.

Your body requires nourishment after long hours of sleep. You can’t lose weight without food!In reality, if you starve and skip your meals, you usually end up making your body store fat instead of reducing it. People who have their breakfast are not just thinner than non-eaters, they are also better executors at school or at work. Acquire cheat your way thin review for more proficient workout routines. Breakfast jumpstarts your body and your metabolism and gets it burning flab. It can also prevent you from overconsumption at lunchtime. There’s no doubt that breakfast is the highly required meal of the day.

All that You Need to Know About Redness Around Lips

The redness around lips is primarily the by-product or the visible marks of skin rashes that caused a change in texture and color of your skin. This rash may be confined to a part of your skin. If you are not so lucky, the chances are that this rash will spread. These rashes vary from mild dry skin conditions to the more severe conditions resulting in cancerous growths like squamous cell carcinoma. The red patches on the skin are formed mainly due to dermatitis. You might as well get the red patches from using some skin care product that didn’t suit your skin type. Red patches might also arrive around your lips due to eczema and perioral dermatitis.


The various types of conditions that the skin around your lips can encounter are:Actinic Cheilitis causing major inflammation of the skin around your lips. This has every chance of making your skin scaly and indurated with passing time. In this kind of rash you see a vermillion border of your lips fading away.

Cold sores is another cause of red patches around the lips. These are the herpetic ulcers in the skin around the lips. Herpes affecting the mucocutaneous membranes is primarily responsible for this occurrence. The rashes or lesions begin appearing as small blisters but if left untreated, they aggravate to the stage of painful ulcers and cause scarring as well.

Angular cheilitis is another inflammatory condition occurring only around the angles of your mouth. The prime causes of this kind of rashes is either deficiency of vitamin B or ill-fitting dentures that tend to tear the skin in that area.

Another common type of skin rash is common wart, a small tumor that when occurs on your lips is known as the filiform warts. The HPV (human papilloma virus) is the prime factor causing this tumor.

Oral melanotic macule is another condition occurring on lips and interior of the mouth as well. It is known as labial melanotic macule when it occurs on the lips.

The most common yet dangerous form of skin rash is oral squamous cell carcinoma seen in the form of pink or red scaly rash. With time these lesions expand and cause bleeding too. Excess exposure to sunlight is the prime cause.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis occurs due to skin allergy from various cosmetic products containing poison ivy specifically.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis on the other hand is caused by chemical irritants and physical irritants.You might even get redness on lips if you are allergic to certain food items like peanuts, sesame, soy, fish, and mustard to name some.


The common symptoms for redness around lips include cracked corner of the mouth, fever, dry mouth, painful blisters, sore throat, sores resembling cottage cheese, bleeding gums, purple or red gums, receding gums and swollen gums, pale skin, and soft spongy gums to name some. In fact, mouth redness itself is a condition that needs immediate medical attention.


You can use topical medicines as prescribed by your dermatologist. Protecting from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun is a vital factor in treating redness around lips. Using topical antiviral drugs help you clear cold sores in a short span. Resizing of your dentures and vitamin B supplements (whichever is the prime cause) will help you combat Angular cheilitis. In case of oral melanotic macule, following a skin biopsy you can go for either a cryotherapy, or a laser therapy, whichever suits you. For squamous cell carcinoma, you need to go for the high-end treatment procedures like laser therapy, freezing, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.


Maintaining proper hygiene and proper oral health is a vital factor in prevention of such skin conditions around your lips. Using a sun protect cream or solution is another preventive measure for the one’s prone to such skin related issues. If your allergy to certain cosmetics, soaps, detergents and food items cause redness around lips, then the best way is to avoid the allergy causing elements.

With a little bit of oral care and skin care you can maintain your health and your looks at the same time.

5 Ways to Maintain A Sober Life

After completing a stay at a rehabilitation facility or other form of treatment, you have finally found sobriety. While the path to sobriety was likely arduous, the path to remaining sober will require the same effort and dedication. Fortunately, remaining sober is possible. The below five ways to maintain a sober life will help you protect the sobriety you have earned.

Five Ways to Stay Sober

According to the Mayo Clinic, establishing strategies and resources when beginning a new sober life is key to maintaining it. The below five techniques will help you stay on the right track:

  • Pursue Interests and Hobbies – Are there any interests that took a back seat to drug or alcohol use? Is there any hobby that has always seemed interesting that you have yet to pursue? Now is an excellent time to pursue new interests and hobbies that will allow you to achieve lasting sobriety. Any healthy hobby can help fill in your new found free time, avoiding the urge and opportunity to drink. Additionally, as you continue to spend time with a new interest, your life will find a new level of depth that will make remaining sober easier.
  • Focus on the Positives – Rethinking Drinking, a publication from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction, states that focusing on the positive benefits of sobriety can go a long way in retaining it. As you live your new sober life, continually focus on your improved health, increased energy and healthier relationships. You can even focus on the financial savings that come with not purchasing drugs or alcohol.
  • Attend Support Groups – The Mayo Clinic found that former addicts greatly benefit from support groups. A support group is a collection of individuals with a common struggle and is typically proctored by a specialist or therapist. Being surrounded by people who have gone through similar things, and are struggling with similar urges, can help provide support when it is most needed. Support groups also provide a sense of community and belonging, which can enhance your quality of life in profound ways.
  • Take Care of Yourself – Being hungry, tired or angry can often lead to the desire to drink. Prevent this common pitfall by keeping yourself well fed and well rested. Pursue physical exercise and a proper diet to ensure you are in supreme physical condition. Remaining healthy can stave off feelings of depression and anger, further assisting your sobriety.
  • Have a Relapse Prevention Plan – You may have created a relapse prevention plan during rehab or as part of a support group – use it! If you did not create one, develop a plan now that will prepare you for various situations that may lead to a relapse. Take time to consider your history with using and examine how future use can be prevented. Additionally, if you do relapse, do not fall into full-blown use.

A relapse does not indicate failure; instead it indicates that your approach to sober living needs to be adjusted. Seek help immediately after a relapse to find sobriety. If needed, a short stay in a treatment center for drugs will help prevent more serious issues.

You Can Remain Sober

You’ve worked hard to find sobriety. Use your same diligence to remain sober. Use a combination, or all, of the above strategies to help find lasting sobriety. Remaining sober helps keep you healthy, happy and alive.

Signs And Symptoms Of Infertility

If you’ve been having regular, unprotected  sex for six months to a year and have seen no signs of pregnancy or have not been able to carry to term, it’s probably time to see a fertility expert to diagnose potential underlying problems. Whether you’ve noticed any symptoms or not, many factors play a part in determining whether you will be able to fall pregnant – which includes your age and lifestyle, as well as any underlying health problems you or your partner may have.

If you are in the process of trying to fall pregnant the natural way, here are some things you should keep an eye out for. Although they could be a result of other health problems, they may also be a symptom of a disease related to infertility.

  • Abnormal periods – during which bleeding is far heavier or far lighter than normal.
  • Irregular periods – if the number of days between periods varies significantly each month.
  • No periods – if your period suddenly stops or you have never had one.
  • Excessive pain – periods that cause abnormal back, pelvic and stomach cramping.

Other changes in your body could be because of hormone problems and these include changes to your skin, a change in sex drive, excessive hair growth in areas like the chest and chin, loss of hair or thinning hair and weight gain. In addition, if you feel excessive amounts of pain during sex, it is also worth seeing a specialist so that any issues can immediately be diagnosed.

Although there are far more visible signs in women than men when it comes to infertility – there are a few things that men should look out for as well:

  • Hair growth changes – if it grows more in one place than another, or thins easily.
  • A lack of sex drive or sexual desire.
  • Swelling or pain in the testicles.
  • Erectile problems or issues with ejaculation.

Usually men will only find out whether there is a problem when actually trying to conceive, but if any of the above symptoms are present then it’s definitely time to visit a specialist and consider IVF treatment.

When visiting a fertility clinic you will be asked many questions about your medical history and symptoms, so ensure that you have the following information on hand:

  • The names of all the medicine you take on a daily basis.
  • How long you have been trying to conceive by having unprotected sex.
  • A history of any previous reproductive treatments or issues.
  • Any information pertaining to your sexusl history, including any STD’s.
  • Whether you have had chemotherapy or any  other treatments.
  • How much you smoke, drink or take drugs.
  • A history of any genetic disorders in your family.

Diagnosing infertility problems at an early stage can increase your chances of falling pregnant, so if you suspect that any of the following symptoms may be a problem, contact your local specialist today to find out more about IVF treatment. There are many clinics that actually offer a free consultation which I suggest you take.